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Business & Industry

If you are a vendor, food processor, or a small business entrepreneur that wants to know how to sell fresh and processed products to USDA for distribution to eligible recipients participating in the USDA Food Distribution Programs, you are in the right place.  

Procurement Administration

   --  Approved Sureties - Treasury Circular 570
   --  CFN Partner Agencies
   --  Commodity Procurement Programs

   --  Federal Acquisition Regulations
   --  Selling Products to USDA  

   --  Vendor Qualifications & Online Bid Procedures
   --  USDA-1: "General Terms and Conditions for the
        Procurement of Agricultural Commodities and Services"

   --  Amendments 1-4 to USDA-1

Business Work Tools

   --  Commodity Specifications

   --  ECOS Processor Registration Information Sheet

   --  Food Purchase Reports (reports, bids, invitations ...)
   --  State Competitive Food Policies for Schools

Last Modified: 05/07/2010