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Fact Sheets
Following are links to fact sheets developed by USDA for the administration and operation of the Food Distribution Programs:
AMS and FSA Fact Sheets

-- Facts About Naming and Labeling Varieties of Seed -- AMS
-- FSA Fact Sheet on Commodity Operations -- FSA
-- National Organic Program Fact Sheets -- AMS
-- National School Lunch Program Fact Sheet -- AMS
-- The Role of USDA Beef's Grading Program in the Marketing
    of Beef - AMS

FNS/Food Distribution Fact Sheets

-- Commodity Fact Sheets for All Programs
-- Commodity Fact Sheets w/Commodity Codes
    for Schools/Institutions
-- FD Formula Grant Programs
-- FD Program Fact Sheets
Related Links

-- Frequently Asked Questions
-- Storage Tips: Dried Fruits, Fruit/Nut Trail Mix 
-- National Food Service Management Institute's (NFSMI)
    Mealtime Memo for Child Care

-- What's Cooking: A Fact Sheet for the Child Care and Adult
    Care Food Program by NFSMI.  

Last Modified: 03/13/2008