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Following are links to the USDA Commodity Programs that order and purchase donated commodities for States and eligible recipient agencies participating in the Food Distribution Programs administered by USDA's Food and Nutrition Service:

USDA Food Distribution Programs
--  Commodity Processing (State and National)
--  Commodity Supplemental Food Program
--  DoD Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program
--  FD Disaster Assistance Program
--  FD Program on Indian Reservations
--  Nutrition Services Incentive Program
--  Schools/Child Nutrition Programs 
--  The Emergency Food Assistance Program
USDA Commodity Procurement Programs
--  AMS Livestock & Seed Program (beef, fish, pork)
--  AMS Poultry Program (chicken, egg products, turkey)
--  AMS Fruit & Vegetable Program (canned, fresh, frozen)
--  FSA Dairy Program (cheese & nonfat dry milk)
--  FSA Domestic Processed Products (bakery mix, flour,
     rice, fortified cereal, peanut products, macaroni & cheese)
Related Programs
--  AMS National Organic Program
--  AMS Process Verification Program
--  Certified Beef and Pork Programs
--  Food Distribution Formula Grant Programs
--  USDA Faith-Based & Community Initiatives

Last Modified: 05/01/2008