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Following are links to the commodity specifications, commercial item descriptions, and U.S. Official Grading Standards for products purchased for States and recipient agencies participating in the Food Distribution Programs
AMS Commodity Specifications
  --  Beef Products*
--  Chicken Products
--  Egg Products
--  Fish Products*
--  Fruits & Vegetables*
--  Geese Products 
--  Pork Products* 
--  Turkey Products

 *Specifications included in announcements
FSA Commodity Specifications
  --  Dairy Products (milk, cheese)
--  Domestic Products (grains, bakery mix, cereal, peanuts)
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  --  AMS Grading & Certification for All Programs
--  Commercial Item Descriptions
--  National Nutrient Database for Standard References
Quality and Grading Standards
--  USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory

Last Modified: 04/01/2008